Industry Overview


Innovations in Material Science and its Engineering lead to improved Materials and solutions for technological, societal and environment problems.
Material Engineering has significantly moved, from only traditional materials (ferrous & nonferrous metals) to include a wide product range that encompasses ceramics, composites, engineered plastics, specialty chemicals, nano materials, electronic materials, bio – materials, etc. The list is endless and the line between various disciplines has become blurred.
Technological advancements in sectors like DEFENCE, ROADS & HIGHWAYS, SHIPPING, ENERGY, RAILWAY, AVIATION etc. have been possible because of innovations in materials with better properties suited to perform in extreme conditions. Selection of MATERIALS involves consideration of a number of diverse scientific, technological, environmental and commercial factors.
A wider understanding and collaboration between the industry, PSU’s and scientists is essential for the manufacture of critical raw Materials.
High performance Materials, developed and manufactured will determine the economy of Nations.